Working mini v8 engine

EDIT: There are a lot of comments and emails asking me about pricing and availability of these engines. I have absolutely no affiliation with them at all, nor do I know how to get one or if they are even able to purchased. Thank you. For the last scale build I featured, I mentioned how it stepped things up from the one featured previous to that. We went from a completely plastic and resin model to one with milled aluminium and brass parts. Make sure you see the video at the bottom of the post.

Click here for more scale builds. Hope that can be help full. I would like to build a series of motorcycles myself and would like you to provide me with V8 engines, perhaps we could work something out? Hello i have been looking for small v8 engine kits so i know how to do it in a real life scale, i was wondering if u know where i could buy a miniature v8 kit that runs on gas. Not something you just buy every day. Hi i would like to buy a V8 engine to put in a small car i am building can we work something out and you should start selling them.

Our you building to sell?? Please could someone let me know where my father and I could purchase the plans to build one of these engines? We are looking for a new project. Where can i buy or order one of these miniature engine kits to build it myself im from south africa in guateng. Found one engine ministeam. Are there any mini engine clubs in louisville kentucky? Show and would love to have some displayed at our show for everyone to see.

Me if you know of one. My word. That is so amazing. I found this looking for a commercially available model. I am in absolute awe of those skills and wish I was able to produce something so damn cool. Just a tease.

GTH outta here u suck…. Would like a replica of motor of a carTriumph TR. On a regular engine can you help me get in touch with some one who can help me please.Giant-scale model cars and airplanes powered by small gasoline engines have been popular with adult racers for quite a few years now. The largest scale models available through conventional RC hobby outlets are one-fifth or one-sixth scale, but the serious racers go quarter-scale.

Now the smallest quarter-scale blown V8 gasoline engine in commercial production is being turned out by Conley Precision Engines to power.

A quarter-scale gasoline-powered car is about 1. The engines for such large models are usually two-cycle engines not dissimilar from the engines that power weedwackers and leaf blowers, typically beginning at about 33 cc 2.

working mini v8 engine

Even the larger engines for quarter scale models are simple and relatively inexpensive. For example, a cc 10 cu. I did say relatively inexpensive.

This is plenty of power for any quarter-scale wheeled vehicle one might want to race. Why then is the racing community reacting with crackling excitement over the Conley Stingera new quarter-scale V8 with supercharging, cc 6.

Simply enough, other engines don't look or sound right. If you are going to spend a significant portion of a year's salary on a scale model car, expecting to own a true scale model isn't unreasonable.

For example, the Dodge Charger Daytona, one of the quintessential Detroit muscle cars, was 5. Scaling to one-quarter the size would give a model 1. The scaled engine would have a displacement of cc 6. To some extent, the changes required to make a scale model look and perform in a properly scaled manner can be accomplished by changing the materials of which the model is constructed.

For example, using strict scaling the loading on the tires on the pavement is considerably smaller for the scale model than for the original car. This makes for poorer handling and performance, as the power of the engine will cause the tires to break free, wasting power and losing traction in curves. It may be possible to save the performance and the appearance of the model, for example, by substituting a rubber for the tires that either has proportionally larger contact areas a more compliant material or a stickier rubber, or both.

Such substitutions may allow a scale model to perform properly while keeping its scale appearance. But a powered scale model of a car isn't just one with the right appearance, or even if properly scale performance is produced. A great deal of the enjoyment of racing is the sound of the car, and especially of the engine.

Nothing else in the world quite sounds like a big block V8 turning over, then running up through the power curve. The rumble at low speeds is hypnotic, while the special screaming wail at high rpms adds greatly to the excitement of the race.

In short, serious quarter-scale racers want their models to sound right, and this largely drives the demand for the Conley It sounds like the real thing — only two octaves higher in pitch. Of course, a scale-model engine also encounters difficulties associated with simple scaling.

A particular problem comes from lubrication — it is very hard to adequately lubricate the cylinder and piston walls to survive running at 10, rpm. This problem was eventually solved with the help of manufacturing engineers from Sunnen Products Co. It proved necessary to deeply hone a cross-hatched pattern in the cylinder liners, and then to plateau hone the liners to remove any lips and edges protruding from the first set of patterns.

The cylinder liners then had sufficient excess oil capacity to adjust to the movements of the piston, and were smooth enough to significantly reduce the effects of those movements by maintaining closer tolerances between the pistons and the cylinder liners. The production models can be run for long periods at high rpm without excessive heating or wear.

1/4 Scale running V8 engine

The Conley Stinger V-8 has an electric starter and a centrifugal clutch as standard equipment, and is available with or without the supercharger. Giant-scale model car racing is a high-tech sport which can be approached without having to put a new mortgage on the house. It also doesn't require "hold harmless" clauses in life insurance policies against accidents during races.While the auction itself is peppered with a number of wonderful Porsches for sale, including Janis Joplin's "History of the Universe" Porschewe've found what may be two of the most unique lots we've seen in some time.

And not just any engines, one is a scale version of a and the other is a scale version of a Herb Jordan was a man of vision. A Porsche enthusiast at heart, this Canadian engineer and inventory became known as a brilliant model maker.

Having studied Porsche's factory manual, Herb decided could build a four-cam Type in miniature. One-third scale to be exact.

The 10 Best Engine Model Kits

Over the course of two years Herb invested over hours in the project. Ever piece of the miniature Porsche engine was manufactured using a inch lathe, milling machine, shaper, and drill press in his home workshop. No castings were used; the case, crankshaft, heads, and two-ring pistons were all machined. The carefully finned alloy cylinders used shrunk-in iron liners. This miniature Porsche engine displaces just 45 cubic centimeters on slightly over-square dimensions of That's just a touch out of proportion to the original 2.

The twin downdraft carburetors are miniature copies of Weber IDAs, each made of 50 individual brass parts. Herb loved to demonstrate his little motor to appreciative groups and would run his creation on methanol fuel. Though said to be fully functional, the model has not been run in nearly 30 years and will require careful service prior to any further operation. This unique miniature Porsche engine weighs approximately 10 lbs and measures 12 inches wide by 12 inches long by 9 inches tall.

For more information, or to learn about bidding, see the original listing on RM Sotheby's site. If you thought Herb Jordan's Type miniature Porsche engine was impressive, get a load of his miniature version. His flat displaces just 54 cubic centimeters and can spin at a mind boggling 24, RPMs. The crankshaft is machined from a single billet. The gear-driven mechanical fuel injection pump is the size of half a pencil.

Tiny oil lines are even properly wire-braided, and the engine features beautifully machined and finned cylinders and cam covers. With 8. Like the miniature engine above, this flat engine has not been run for years and will require careful service prior to any further use.

working mini v8 engine

The engine weighs approximately 15lbs and measures 15 inches long by 8 inches wide by 7 inches tall. However, it should be noted that both are selling without reserve.

So, depending on who's bidding these little beauties could go much higher or someone could get the steal of the century for their collection. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Share on Facebook.Skip to main content Mini Engine Kit.

In stock. Add to cart. In Stock. I wish that it really ran. Huge engine. I'm a chevy guy but this engine looks like the real thing. I am beat them at the Drag race's finally. Very high quality pieces. Nice fit and finish. Great intro to an engine for my boy. I posted a pic in the gallery of our work in progress, and you can see the detail of the carbs, etc.

Very much worth the money and effort. Only 16 left in stock - order soon. This is just a great built, fine running machine. This is a very clean burning fuel which leaves no lamp black on the glass cylinder what so ever.

Then I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased a Revelle plastic display case for a miniature football helmet, it fit perfectly over this engine model, keeping it dust free. I have it displayed on my desk at work and really enjoy showing it off to everyone who asks about it. Buy this for yourself or as a gift, you will not be disappointed in the least.

I bought this for a project I was doing where I needed a replica engine. It was actually to small for what I needed but the detail was so good that I kept it anyway. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. These engines are very detailed. Only 17 left in stock - order soon.Attention: These Motors are not for sale!

I have been asked many times over the years "can I buy one of these kits" These are just a collection of information on some incredible, time consuming labors of love from some incredible model builders and are one-off handmade pieces of artwork.

I have just posted them here for us all to enjoy. How Cool is this? These are not just models that look like engines, they are real, running engines. Here are some really nice examples:.

The late Lee Root built this scale Corvette engine. The coin you see in some of the photos for size reference is a US Quarter.

12 Fantastic Mini Engine Kit Scale Models

It has a 1. The engine burns gasoline or methanol methyl alcohol on dual electronic spark ignition and incorporates a two-stage pressurized dry-sump lubrication system. You can see and hear video of it running at www. It will turn around 12 grand and uses a couple of computer cooling fans on the radiator to keep things cool.

It has double overhead camshafts, burns methanol on glow ignition and is equipped with two oil pumps for dry sump lubrication. All six carburetors function and are linked together for smooth operation. Only a few of these were made before the company went out of business, so it's pretty rare. Here ' s another twelve.

It has a. One of the more popular model V-8 engines over the years has been the Challenger. How about that supercharger!

Behind the first engine is his blue Challenger V Crank up the volume! Note the tiny firing order cast into the intake manifold just like on the real thing. The heads and block are machined from billet aluminum. Jim even made stamping dies to make the oil pan, rockers and front cover. The valve covers are investment cast.

Some parts inside the engines are made to scale like the Duntov camshaft, but some things have to be modified to make a small engine run. Electricity and fuel molecules don ' t scale, so some parts have to be slightly heavier or larger than exact scale would dictate. Getting a small engine to run requires skill and careful work; getting one to run well is an art.

This version has twin carbs. You could buy it as a kit or as a completed engine. Gary's site is www. Paul Knapp built this great looking version of the Conley V Note the nicely painted and highly polished finishes on this beautiful engine. Did you notice that the ignition switch even has its own set of keys like a real engine? The exposed rocker arms need to be manually lubricated before running the engine.Wilesco D18 Steam Engine.

Wilesco D10 Steam Engine. Jensen Steam Engine Model One Box of Esbit Fuel 4 grams ea. Call us on Home Login Recent Orders. Wilesco Sale! Read More about our products The Wilesco Story: Wilesco live steam engines though traditional toys from yesteryear, are today more popular than ever before.

All of the Wilesco steam engines demonstrate clearly the basic change of energy in one form to that of another. The toy steam engine converts heat into mechanical energy via water.

This process was used on large scale in the early 19th century to produce power. Wilesco steam engines cater to this ageless interest in demonstrating the basic principles of changing heat into mechanical power. The Wilesco company was founded in by Mr. Ernst Wortmann. Right at the beginning the company manufactured aluminum cutlery and carving sets. Wilesco started manufacturing stationary steam engines and accessories in As many customers were already buying the household toys, the steam engines succeeded very quickly in gaining their own market share.

The Company added the famous steam roller "Old-Smoky" to this range in With this particular technical development, They succeeded in entering further into the toy and hobby market. The Wilesco fire truck D fire engines is one of the most popular traction engines.

The Company supplies their stationary steam engines and traction steam engines like the famous fire engines all over the globe, especially the toy and hobby range.

Today Wilesco is the world's largest manufacturer of toy steam engines. Fire from safe solid fuel tablets, the boilers of Mamod steam cars soon reach working pressure and you quickly experience the joys of steam in action. Constructed from heavy gauge steel and brass Mamod steam cars and steam engines follow the traditional style and quality engineering of the original steam pioneers, such as Watt, Brunel and Trevithick, resulting in robust units that will last for years. Mamod's reputation for excellence has been built up over 50 years.

All toy steam engines are tested to strict standards and safety valves control the working pressures of all units. The Mamod range is broad, obtainable in pre-assembled or kit form to give variety and choice.

The Jensen Company's longevity and continued growth attest to meeting these challenges. They are the last remaining toy steam engine American manufacturer and are still well known for their hand craftsmanship. Jensen's attention to quality and detail makes their legendary toy steam engines highly prized by the hobbyist and collector.

Amazing Miniature Handmade Engines Compilation

For generations, the German toy makers have been delighting the world with their tin toys. All items are made of sheets of metal, which are cut, punched, stamped and curved. The pieces are then soldered, washed, dried and colored.

The toys are then Hand painted.Aliaksei Zholner is an amazing papercraft technician. He's built tiny, functional paper engine after tiny, functional paper engine, each one somehow smaller and more impressive than the last. If you were curious how he did it, or are keen on following in his footsteps, you're in luck.

working mini v8 engine

Zholner's just published the plans and template for a tiny V8 engine. All you have to do is cut and assemble. Just brace yourself, it's almost certainly much harder than it sounds. Here is the full PDF, with the paper pieces to be cut on the first page, and then wordless but clear step-by-step for assembly using the pieces you just sliced up:.

Even with a guide, some of the process seems like it could still be pretty challenging. Zholner uploaded a video to help explain how to create a paper rod, which involves some very precise rolling using a ruler:.

Even though the actual assembly might be extremely challenging, it's certainly much easier than designing such an engine from scratch, so you can only imagine how much work Zholner must have put into this. But since he's been kind enough to share, you stand a chance at having a mini paper engine on your desk as well, at least so long as you accidentally crush it while you're making it.

Source: Aliaksei Zholner. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Cars.


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